terça-feira, 30 de abril de 2013

Stupid Girls Limited Discount available subscriptions

 This event any designer is welcome, our intention is organize the fashion market and publicize brand new to all the Fashion lovers.

Bloggers applications are accepted.

Rules to participate:

1° Will be allowed only items sold for 75 Lindens  this event.

2°  The event duration is 2 weeks, 2 weeks after completing the fair will be closed so that the designer can remove your objects so that others can participate too, over the same designer can participate again anytime.

3°  The items should be unique event.

4° All participants designer must enter a unique group to submit your items for Bloggers.

5°  each designer will be able to put only 5 items for sale, which should be up to the next round of sale where the items will be exchanged.

Esteban Hinterland CEO/Founder.
DonaFlorinda MGT.
StupidGirls MGT.